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Maternity Leave

Greetings, reader!

I wanted to make a blog post detailing the specifics of my maternity leave for current supporters and passers-by to reference since I will be generally inactive posting new art for everyone to enjoy.

My due date is June 4th, but as most people know, it's a general estimate of when to expect the baby to pop out. Granted that I've delivered early before, the doctor says it's likely that I will deliver a little early again.

Starting May, I will be pausing new commission orders until I'm good to return (and more importantly, backlog has been cleared). My Patreon has already been paused for billing while I will be away for the next 3 months. You can read the specifics about my Patreon and how it will be affected by my maternity leave here.

What about non-Patreon related commissions?

May will be spent chipping away at existing commissions that haven't been completed. With Patreon out of the way and on hold, I'll be able to catch up on a lot of stuff, or at least as much as I can before the baby pops out at any given moment (we're betting around the last week of May). If for any reason I do not get to finish your commission before then, I apologize in advance and I hope you can understand and that your order has not been forgotten. At the very latest, it will be handed over to you before re-opening my Patreon (definitely before opening commissions again) in August. I will be focusing mainly on project commissions and clients that have waited the longest (as they tend to be larger commissions that are more involved).

For those that have waited as long as they have for their commission, I sincerely apologize that it has taken this long (finishing up paralegal school last year during a pandemic really fucked me) and no one's orders have been forgotten. They will be finished and I hope to contact you sooner rather than later with updates/completion. I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

Art posts and what to expect!

There will be a lot more wiggle room for me to chip away at outstanding commissions and doodling something on the side. Much as I enjoy drawing for people, even taking Patreon out of the equation leaves more opportunities for me to draw something for myself and less likely to be burned out, even with the nuisance of late third trimester symptoms. I will likely post some more commissions as I finish them and some doodles of my own regardless if they're polished or not. Twitter art posting will pretty much stay regular until delivery day, and I don't usually use that platform to really microblog anyway as I mostly keep to myself these days (or ranting on Discord).

With all of this said, I’ll be seeing you guys around! I hope you all have a great summer and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for whatever whenever. I can’t promise I’ll be timely in my responses, especially when the baby gets here, but I will certainly do my best!




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