Commissions: OPEN

General Commission Information

  • Payments are upfront and sent as an invoice via PayPal.

  • I do not accept cryptocurrency as payment for commissions or fees.

  • No refunds after commission slot is taken (so be absolutely sure you want to commit to the commission).

  • I reserve the right to decline your commission.

  • Commissions are for personal use only. Examples of commercial use is for-profit and branding purposes (Patreon, Twitch, YouTube and other social media branding, merchandise, game assets, etc.)

Any further questions or inquiries, please email me at or fill out a contact form.

Pricing MENU

(pricing as of NOVEMBER 2021)

Base Orders

Full-body: $200
Partial-body (thighs and up): $140



Additional character (partial-body): $100 per character

Additional character (full-body): $150
Soft-shading: $70
★ Details/Complexity: TBD
★ Environmental Background: TBD
★ Variants: $25-$100 per variant

NSFW fee: $75
★ Commercial Use Fee: $500-$1000

★ Expedited Commission: $200

Starred items require further inquiry for specific details