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End of summer update!

I can't believe summer went by as fast as it did.

My kid is starting kindergarten in September and I'm super excited yet anxious. It's different from pre-k since it'll be a full day of school which means I'll have to acclimate to a new schedule for work. It'll be weird having 8am-3pm all to myself, which is ample amount of time to get work done during the week. It'd also be nice to have a normal sleep schedule in which I'm not going to bed around 3-4am (it's been this way since I took up full-time freelance artist about three years ago). It had been frustrating for a while, getting little sleep and trying to squeeze in as much work as I can. Now that Nathaniel is getting older and ultimately a little more independent, that allows me a more stable and thorough work schedule. So... I'm excited to see how that works out! How was my summer? Not a lot of exciting things going on other than just enjoying life with my two favorite boys and keeping in touch with my family (they're busy people, too). A few months ago I was tasked with work for Futanari Quest, but a month later into getting into it, the owner decided to shut down the project all together. Of course I was compensated for work, but it's really disappointing that it stopped as soon as I was getting the wheels going creating content for it. :( For now, I'm focusing on my Patreon content and taking up commissions on the side as I go along. It's been pretty solid, I'd say (thanks to all you faithful supporters and regular clients). I'm still a ways away from actually getting the bare minimum ($2000) to get my foot in the door with the immigration lawyer to get that ball rolling, unfortunately. I've managed a little under $1000 towards it but hopefully if work remains steady, I'll have the money to get that started by the end of the year at the latest.

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