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Project Work & Limited Commissions

Early in May, I put myself out there on an H network on Discord for someone who was looking for an artist to do some CG work and character design. I figured they were going over a lot of applications before they decided on the artist and much to my surprise, they chose me! To start, I worked on two CGs for Futanari Quest and a character design (it was a cute cat girl). They took a liking to the finished products as well as the timeliness of their completion (these are time sensitive commissions). They've decided to keep me on board to do more stuff for the game and this time around, the order is quite bulky (parts A through G with one variant each). Needless to say, I'll be prioritizing work for Futanari Quest and content for my Patreon as well. Regular commissions will be sprinkled in depending on how fast I'll be working on the deadlines for each parts for FQ. As I write this, there is one slot currently left open and there won't be another slot open until the end of June or early July. I'm really glad to be working on Futanari Quest as the pay is good and timely and I really love the stuff they have me working on (futa girls, monster girls, cute girls, etc). I definitely have my work cut out for me and hopefully I can maintain that timeliness they seem keen on. I think the biggest relief with this new opportunity is that it really helps with the bills, paying some debt down and ultimately getting me to the place where it's good to go on setting money aside to deal with the whole immigration adjustment ($5000 total through an immigration lawyer, so that's a pretty penny). Last month it looked as though I wouldn't be able to set the money aside until September, but with this new opportunity (and hopefully continuous), I'll get there sooner than anticipated and it makes me so happy and hopeful!

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