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Site Finalized (and other news)

After tinkering for a collective 4 hours on my site, I'm finally happy with how everything turned out. I'm very particular about alignment and colors and matching-matching things, especially with minimalist layouts. God bless the Wix gods for making this entire procedure easy (and kinda fun) for me! I don't have $25 flat-colored sketch commissions advertised on this site mainly because it's for serious commissions only. The cheaper commissions are posted on my social media outlets, so they're pretty hard to miss. Part of the reason why I make those sketch commissions regular these days is because I'm trying to pay down some debt in the household as well as save up for my immigration lawyer fees to adjust my immigration status in the US (currently out of status). The grand total for my immigration lawyer fees (filing, bio-metric, professional fee) will be close to $5000 (cry). So I'm pretty much in a rush to pay down these debts and get to saving, seeing as the waiting period to even get the ball rolling with the procedure takes a minimum of one year. I'm in no particular rush, but it'd be nice to have the same rights as every citizen in this country as I once believe I had since I've been here since I was 3 (only to find out that I actually don't have the same rights when I was 16 and learned my mom really messed up the immigration filing when we were younger). My brother married five years ago and when he got around to paying for his immigration adjustment, the process took a year. We're literally the same case where we entered the US at the same time, no criminal records, no previous marriages, no tax fraud and all that. I'm only inclined to believe my wait period will be just as long as his as soon as I get my foot in the door. So yeah! Lots of grinding for me to get to that point, but I'm willing to work for it. I'm so thankful for everyone's support, whether it's monetary, a like/reblog or a message filled with kind words and encouragement. Thank you all so much!

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